How To Sew An Envelop Cushion Cover (With Lining)

So boyfriend finally bought a sofa so he needed some jazzy cushions to brighten it up.  So I decided to surprise him with some homemade cushion covers, I went for lined because they would be neater and envelop style so I didn’t have to mess around with zips.

(Apologies for the bad lighting- winter has come).

So here’s how you make envelop cushion covers:

Cut out your fabric.  I had cushions that were 45 x 45cm, that were quite fat, I measured around the cushion in one direction with my tape measure and added 10cm for the envelop overlap, and 4cm for seam allowances. So that came to 114cm, and the width measured 56cm including 4cm seam allowance.  I cut out my lining 110 x 56cm because it needed to be a bit shorter on one end.

Put your main fabric and my lining fabric right sides together and sewed around three of the edges, leaving one short one open. This is the edge where the main fabric should be a few cm longer than the lining. After doing a simple running stitch I went back and zig zagged around the three edges to make it more secure.Cushion Cover

Turn it all right side out.  The take the open edge and fold the main fabric over twice and hem neatly.

Then place your rectangle with the main fabric face up and measure 50cm from the hemmed edge (I placed a pin to mark it), and 12.5cm from the unhemmed short edge.  These are the measurements that worked for me based on the size of my cushions, I was also using patterned fabric with lines so I went for points that kept the pattern lined up.  Cushion Cover

Fold up the fabric so the hemmed edge meets the 50cm point, and then over the top put the unhemmed edge on the 12.5cm point.  Straighten everything up and pin all the edges in place, then sew neatly. Trim any threads.Envelop Cushion Cover

Turn the cushion cover right way out and you should have a nice envelop cushion cover.

Cushion Cover

I’m really pleased with how they look, although the covers are a little big around the corners, envelop closures are so much easier than zips and buttons!

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