Star Wars Bake

Last year my friends, and I, started having ‘Bake Offs’ where we would bake and bring and often award a little prize for the best.  These fell by the wayside but they have recently been resurrected, and this week’s was Star Wars themed.

There are quite a lot of ideas on the interwebs, alas most require more skill, equipment, and time than I possess.  My first idea was Storm Trooper cookies which required marshmallow but since the only vegetarian marshmallows I could find were stupidly expensive, and I also needed a bunch of other stuff I couldn’t find I opted for something much lazier.

So I made use of my Star Wars ice cube trays- which I have only ever used to make Star Wars shaped chocolates out of.  I made some simple biscuits and ‘glued’ the chocolates in place with icing.

Things that went wrong include the plastic bowl melting to my saucepan when I was trying to melt the chocolate, not having any eggs and it raining and therefore impossible to go outside and get some, and my scales breaking.

Anyway you can see mine bottom right, and the rest are my friends’ creations.  I particularly like Jabba the Humous.

star warsCollages8