T-shirt Alteration

I’ve done a few of these posts before, they always seem really popular getting lots of views, re-pins on pinterest, and there’s a youtube vid that I did that has over 5000 views (my next highest has 169!).

Boyfriend kindly bought me a souvenir t-shirt from La Palma when we were on holiday there in October.  But it’s one of those unisex fits- which means mens as women are some strange other species so newly discovered the souvenir t-shirt industry hasn’t figured out how to make us tops that fit.

Anyway, the main problem for me, as always, if that the neckline is too high and I hate things around my neck so I needed to make that lower by about 2.5cm.  The t-shirt was also quite long so I wanted to take 10cm off the bottom.

I unpicked the front of the neckline, then cut 2.5cm down from the centre of the neckline.  I then rounded this out into a new neckline, and I have said neckline far too many times now… I then pulled and stretched out the original collar piece then pinned it back in place and sewed.  To make it neat I folded the new edge of the t-shirt around the new neckline over and pinned that folded edge onto the collar before sewing.

Jersey is very annoying and stretches and wiggles as you sew it so It took me a few attempts to do the whole neck so it isn’t as smooth as I would like but it looks ok.

For the bottom I made a mark at 10cm from the bottom, then folded it under and sewed all the way around.  I then tried it on before I made the cut to check it wasn’t too short. When sewing it I recommend matching up the side seam lines and the centre front and back to keep it all straight because the jersey might stretch or move while you sew.

The difference isn’t radical but it definitely makes it more comfortable to wear.