2015 Craft Review

Crafty Creatives- I started the year buying the Craft themed subscription box but was disappointed with the value-for-money so I gave up with it.

I also made some youtube videos, but they were a lot of work and I didn’t get any views or subscribers so I gave up.  Turns out my t-shirt alteration vid has over 5,000 now!  But the rest remain unwatched!

Food- I tried a few new recipes. I made a chai tea latte, marzipan, almond milk, peanut butter cups, veggie gravy, bubble tea, coke floats, vegan ice cream, courgette fritters, potato and kale cakes, and oat muffins.

potato and kale

Photography- I carried on taking film pictures using my Beirette and my Le Clic. I used my Diana and mini Diana but they were quite awkward to use.  I also used my phone to take a picture a day for October.


The biggest change this year was that I had to move house back into a house share meaning  I lost my craft room and I have a lot less space for my craft stuff.  So that sucks!