Baby Dress

So, it’s quite strange to work on a project where you have to wonder what the circumference of a 9 month old baby’s neck is, but here we are.

normal_strawberry-baby-dress-and-pants-setI decided to make a little dress for my niece for Christmas.  I found this pattern  which I printed out and adapted to jazz it up a bit. I made one dress following this pattern and a second one where I tried to emulate the one left.

I used a lining fabric as well so I could hide all the messy seams inside!

Collages6Collages7I started by cutting the pieces out, I didn’t have enough of the Japanese fabric to do the whole dress in it so I only did the top and cut the bottom out of jersey.  I lined the top with jersey too, mainly to hide the messy seams in it!  For the seams in the jersey I did French seams where you sew the fabric wrong sides together, then right sides together.

I’m quite pleased I finally figured out how to do button holes- which will open up a world of possibilities.  I’m not saying my button holes are the best ever- but you can see my terrible attempts bottom right! I don’t have a button hole foot which is annoying and makes it a lot harder to get the hole the right size but I did an ok job.  Caitlin Dress1Caitlin Dress2And the final dresses, I’m trying not to be concerned that they are different sizes and weren’t meant to be.  Also the blue one is quite wonky at the top but niece won’t notice!

In fact, the dresses were very well recieved!  Might work on a couple more for her birthday!