Le Clic Photos of Christmas

I took some photos with my Le Clic film camera, which takes 110 film.  Hard to get hold of, expensive to get developed, but easy to use.  I did totally forgot that the film was black and white though.  And these are the results.


We went to Castle Hill– which is a local hill. It was incredibly grey and rainy which perhaps does not come up in the black and white video.  Poor baby nieve was dragged out of the car, wrapped up in her tiny hat, and forced to pose for photos.


So once again a few rather nice snaps but a low hit rate for the 24 exposure film. I did get a bunch of black pictures which are very exciting, and would have benefitted from the flash being on. But something about turning the flash on seems so wrong for some reason, maybe flashin lights are offensive to my ancestral people…  Also I did think I was using colour film…