Homemade Tortillas (with chilli)

My dad bought me a tortilla press for Christmas as he has got really into making them, he also gave me a bag of Maseca corn flour to make them with.  So boyfriend and I thought we would have some quorn chilli and tortillas for lunch. The recipe for the tortillas is pretty simple:

120g Maseca Flour (I actually used 80g Maseca and 40g corn flour)
150ml Water
1/8 tsp salt

These quantities gave us 6 tortillas ( there weren’t huge though).  I initially split the dough into 8 small balls but they made really small tortillas so we had 2 small tortillas and then I made 4 reasonable sized ones.

You just sieve the flour and salt, then mix in the water until all the flour is mixed into a ball that doesn’t stick to your hands.

tortillasThen split into into balls.  I used my tortilla press but you can used a rolling pin.   I placed plastic sandwich bags on either side of the press, placed the ball in the middle, and pressed it flat.

CollagesYou’re supposed to use a skillet to cook them but we only had a griddle.  I recommend a frying pan instead of a griddle if you don’t have a skillet as I don’t the griddle was distributing the heat evenly.  Anyway, after heating the griddle until it was really hot, without oil, I placed the tortillas one at a time onto the griddle.  They take a couple of minutes on each side and should puff up a little when they’re ready. I wrapped them in foil to keep them warm while I cooked them all.


Meanwhile boyfriend was busy making some chilli using Quorn mince and a jar of chilli con carne sauce.  We also added some onions, green peppers, tomatoes, garlic, and refried beans.  Boyfriend also added some jalepenos to his but I can’t handle anything spicey so it was a very mild chilli.

We also had sour cream and chive dip and grated cheese. And it was pretty yummy imo!