Smart Phone Camera Lens Set

I bought a set of ThumbsUp! lenses for the camera on my phone, it cost £15 and came three different len options.

There’s a macro lens for close up shots- to get the detail without blurring, there’s Fisheye and Wide Angle both of which increase the field of vision.  There’s also two lens caps (the macro and wide angle lens are joined so they don’t need a cap each) and a little pouch to keep it all in.

It’s very easy to use you screw the lenses onto the clip and then clip it over the camera on your phone- meaning it will work on lots of different phone.  You may have to take a few seconds to position the lens but you don’t need an app or any software.  I did notice that the edge of the clip on the front of my phone occasionally touched the touch screen and confused my phone.

So was it worth it?

phone camera lens
Top Left- Normal, TR- Macro, Bottom Left- Fisheye, BR- Wide Angle
phone camera lens3
Top Left- Normal, TR- Macro, Bottom Left- Fisheye, BR- Wide Angle

Above you can see examples of the different lens.  Both the Fisheye and Wide Angle lenses widen the field of vision successfully so you can fit more stuff in.  The Fisheye lens has a 180 degree field of vision so it gets the most in but you can see it also distorts the image hence it being Fisheye (really like looking through a fish bowl).  The Wide Angle lens in the best imo.  Most obvious is that the Macro lens was pretty pointless for the subject I was photographing as it was too far away.

phone camera lens4
Top Left, TR, BL- Macro, Bottom Right- Normal

Above are some examples of the Macro lens in action, photographing close up text.  The bottom right is just using the camera close up and it can’t focus on the text and the other examples are using the Macro lens but it is so close you can’t fit very much text in so not great for actually photographing text.  Clearly you have to get very close for the Macro to work and I just don’t think I will ever need to with my phone.

But I do like the Wide Angle lens and think that one will be pretty useful for taking landscape pics when out and about.  The downside as far as I can see is that you can’t really put your phone in your pocket with the lens connected as a) it won’t fit in you pocket, b) the lens will fall off as the clip isn’t tight enough.  This means you’ll have to reconnect it everytime you want to use it.  Really a minor inconvenience than a deal breaker.