Leap Year

Sometimes you become very aware that time is entirely made up- the 29th February is one of those times I think.  It is a day that happens only once every four years and gives up an extra day that year.

Although it doesn’t because men aren’t really working in the back to make days, and they didn’t just get over zealous and make us an extra one- there is no more time than there was before.  Although as I said time is entirely made up so it doesn’t really matter and we do kind of get an extra day of 2016. Although it’s just a day that would have been in 2017.

Although…leap years come from the fact that it takes 365.25 ish days for the Earth to orbit the Sun not the 365 that we commonly discuss at dinner parties over brie.  This means every four years we have acumulated an extra day that has to be used to keep the calendar in line with the seasons.  But somehow over 400years we get 3 extra days so we miss out 3 leap years in every 400… But the concept of days and calendars is all made up anyway…

I hope you guys enjoy your extra day in February.