Crepe Paper Flowers- Mother's Day Gift Idea

Here’s a cheaper alternative to buying flowers as a gift…I mean here’s a way to show someone you care about them with a hand crafted gift…

  • Pink and yellow crepe paper
  • Green wire sticks
  • Florist tape
  • Glue and scissors

First things first cut a strip of yellow crepe paper about 2-3cm wide and 10cm long, the longer you make it the more voluminous the polleny bit of the flower (I’m going with the stamen) will be. Make cuts into the crepe every 5mm all the way along the strip.  Glue one end to a piece of wire and roll the rest of the strip around.

Next cut out the petals, 4 small and 4 large.  I made up the shape, basically it’s half an oval but gone all wiggly around the top of the curve edge.  Start with the small petals and arrange them around the stamen and use the green florists tape to tape it in place.  Then do the same again with the larger petals.

Et voila!