Healthy Salad and Eggs

Ok it’s happening…I am being healthy…

I made a salad, with poached eggs.  It’s not super glamourous but it’ll do, in fact it reminds me of the ‘face’ salads my dad used to make us.

The salad part is kiwi, carrot, celery, apple, avocado, feta, and Quorn chicken. Then I poached a couple of eggs and have two slices of brown bread for carbs.  Mmmm carbs….

There’s more sugar in it than I would like because of the apple and kiwi but there was plenty of protein.

Here’s the approximate nutritional break down:

Calories: 776
Fat: 37.8g
Sugar: 28.1g
Carbohydrates: 76.7g
Protein: 42.3g
Fibre: 20.7g

Recommended daily intake:

Calories: 2000
Fat: 70g
Sugar: 90g
Carbohydrate: 260g
Protein: 50g
Fibre: 30g