Film Photography- Le Clic Camera

I sent of three rolls of film recently to be developed for the delightful price of £22.50 (I’ll say it again, there is a reason why people went digital!)

I had a roll of 110 film from my Le Clic camera, and two more from my Beirette.  These are the few that came out for the Le Clic, I’m not sure if it was my picture taking, low lighting, or the film but most of the pictures failed.  I did buy expired film for the camera, it’s a gamble but can produce interesting results.  Cult members from the church of Lomography call it ‘dreamy’ the rest of the world calls it ‘blurry’.

In this case it’s blurry pink dots.

This is the view along the River Aire in Saltaire.

We went to Saltaire, the town was purpose built by Sir Titus Salt in 1851 to house his workers.  Most towns of the day were polluted and crowded, and the town had a library, hospital, bath-houses, allotments, and almshouses for retired workers.  The old wool factory is now a gallery for the artist David Hockney.

This is the church in Saltaire.

Salt was extremely pious, and somewhat paternalistic, and insisted citizens attend church every Sunday.  He built a separate balcony for his family where he could observe people as they arrived.  They also couldn’t drink, and anyone caught inebriated could be evicted.  There’s now a wine bar in Saltaire called ‘Don’t Tell Titus’.

Stone lions outside Victoria Hall