Inspiration- Tibor Reich

I went to visit the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester where there was an exhibition on of Tibor Reich.  (January- August 2016)  Reich was an Hungarian textile designer, he came to the UK in 1937 after Europe became a little too hot for Jews.

P1020925He shook up the drab post-war soft furnishing world, and pioneered textured fabric.  He made it look like the bobbles on sweet corn.  No, really.  He became so renown that his design was chosen for Queen Elizabeth’s wedding present.

P1020928I loved the bright colours and patterns.  And the displays inspired me to come up with some more interesting backgrounds for inspiration and for the blog.


I also liked the installation by Nico Vascellari which included mirrors covered in images of plants, lights in the room caused the images to be reflected, and projectors projected more images of trees onto the walls.  And there was a nice exhibition of wall paper from the 1950’s and 60’s.

Whitworth Manchester