Upcycling a Dress into a Spring Top

picsI bought this shift dress from a charity shop for £5 knowing it wouldn’t fit me.  So my plan was always to do some upcycling.  Normally the dresses I get from charity shops are huge so I know I can adjust them.  But this was a size 10, meaning I can get into it but it’s really tight around my lower half and a bit too big around my top half.

Basically, shift dresses were designed to look horrific on me. So I cut the bottom off to make a cute spring top.



I then added a strip of light weight denim which had come from the denim skirt I had just adjusted to add some interest to the top.

The collar as it was too tight so I had to alter it.  I unpicked the facing, then recut the neckline and re-attached the facing.  The facing was now smaller than the new neckline, so I pinched some mini pleats into the centre front of the neck.

I’m quite pleased to have another top that’s not a t-shirt!

upcycling a dress