Spiralizer Salad

Further playing with my spiralizer, I made a salad to go with some exciting vegan mini burgers.  I did not make said burgers, I have to confess, and there were nicer than you think!

Anyway, I used the thinnest noodle setting and spiraled a carrot and some cucumber.  The carrot was very carroty, the cucumber was quite drippy.  The only issue I have with my spiralizer is that the tray to catch the grated veg doesn’t always catch it all which seems a bit of a design flaw.  The cucumber seemed particularly prone to dripping its way onto the counter top.

Anyway, I boiled some mangetout (btw how awesome is mangetout!), and sliced some celery (I tried to spiraling it and it was a definitely fail!), and put it all on a bed of spinach, topped with my mini burgers.   The burgers were Energy Mini Burgers by Biona Organic which I think sounds more like a science experiment then food but they were actually mainly courgettes, carrot, and mung bean sprouts, with rice, tofu, and other seeds and ‘health’ things.

New folder1

It actually filled me up for about 4hrs which for me is pretty good.  Then I needed an emergency yoghurt.

  • Calories- 409
  • Protein- 14g
  • Carbohydrates- 41g
  • Fat- 19g
  • Fibre- 10g
  • Sugar- 10g