Postcard Embroidery

I’ve seen some fun stuff that people have done when sewing or embroidering paper, especially postcards,  I’ve also seen an artist my mum knows who sews ceramics, somehow!  But I thought I’d start with postcards.



We went to the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester a while ago, and I picked up three quite different postcards purely to experiment with.

I got a rubbish photograph of the outside of the gallery from 2009 by Joel Fildes, an image of some nice ‘Manchester printed cotton for the East African Market’ from the 1930’s, and a a rather dull painting of called ‘Harvest Field’ by Helen Allingham from the C19th.  I purposely picked very different images and styles.

On the postcard with the African fabric I sewed another flower to replicate the others printed on there.

postcards from whitworth2On the painting of the Harvest I created a geometric design where I connected holes in a semi circle shape around two central points.  Boyfriend thought this one was weird, I think it’s my favourite.

On the photo of the building I started selecting bricks to emphasise, but I got a bit bored of it!  I do like the idea of the postcard embroidery but I’m not really sure what I would do with the postcards afterwards, maybe if I manage to create an amazing work of art but the postcards themselves had little sentimental significance for me so I don’t think I’ll display them.