I love tea.  That’s not very crafty is it?  But I don’t care because I love tea so much I have a spreadsheet to keep track of my favourite flavours…I also love spreadsheets and am a big nerd…


I have always hated regular tea (actually I’ve never tried it but the smell nauseates me), and have a dislike of Black Tea based teas. I got into Green Tea to cure me of my Dr Pepper addiction, and it was successful I’m pleased to say.  I was drinking at least a 500ml bottle a day, which is 50g of sugar and a total waste of money.

But Green Tea is an acquired taste and I found the flavoured Green Teas that were popping up everywhere were a life saver.  Lemon Green Tea never did much for me but the Twinings Mint Green Tea was delicious and I was hooked.  I also love the Green Chai from Yogi Tea.  Yogi Tea is very hippy with yoga positions and inspirational sayings on the packaging.


Since then I’ve moved into other herbal teas, fruit ones always seem rather pathetic to me with no real flavour but if it has licorice in it then I’ll take it.  The Licorice Mint from Yogi Tea or Licorice Cinnamon from Pukka.  Pukka has become another favourite brand, the boxes all have flowers and the silhouette of gymnasts on. They do a Three Mint and Three Cinnamon which I like (exactly what it sounds like, three types of mint and cinnamon).


Another one I really love is called Apple Loves Mint by a brand called Suki which is a loose leaf tea and I’ve only had it at a couple of cafes.  It’s delicious,  it’s sweet and fruity.

Teapigs always seem quite appealing, they have a great number of delicious sounded flavours but they are a bit pricey.  They do a very nice Spiced Winter Red Tea, and I often get the Chocolate Mint when I go to Las Iguanas.  But other flavours like their Green Tea, and Popcorn tea have left me disappointed.

I’ve also been searching for a good Orange tea after falling in love with Sweet and Spicey Good Earth in San Francisco and then not being able to find it here.  The closest I’ve come is Mandarin Orange Spice by Celestial which is a new brand I’ve just started on.  Actually, I found a great combination was Yogi Tea Choco tea, with Pukka Three Mint, and Celestial Mandarin Orange Spice, a teabag of each.

Anyway, that’s enough tea chat.  Unless anyone has any suggestions…?