Film Photography- Minolta Autopak 470

I got a bunch more film cameras from sister, including a small Minolta Autopak 470,  which takes 110 film.  I used expired film, which I bought because it’s supposed to give cool results, although it’s a gamble because it might just be a blurry mess.  I’ve used expired film before and always found it lame.  I wanted to practice with this camera because I think I’ll take it on holiday with my next month as it’s so small and easy to carry.


Above is Tropical World which is very hot so the lens kept fogging up, and those were the best pictures of the animals. As you can see it’s quite fuzzy but also the colour is all washed out which I think is due to the film being expired.

They are better than the pictures below though which were off a boat race in the park (well on a lake in the park).  Part of the problem here though may be that I wasn’t setting the focus correctly, but the pink dots all over the place are the film not me!