Summer Top

I’ve had a pretty top in my wardrobe for many years, going loved but unworn and I needed to decide whether I needed to get rid of it or alter it to better suit me.  It was very lose, and an asymmetrical hemline (high in the front and back, lower at the sides), and had lace edging. The front and back hemline was too high to wear it as a dress (you could just see my underwear) but it was too long to wear a top. The only way I could wear it was with jeggings and even then it was just a bit weird.


So the time came to give it a chop.  I wanted to keep the floatiness of it and the asymmetrical hem.  So I just cut a 20cm section from the middle (probably shouldn’t have cut that much, forgot about allowing seam allowances!) and then stitched it back together. I aimed for cutting it just under the arms so the seam would run there and not over my chest, but it’s actually a little lower than that but never mind.

I’m really pleased with it, I think it looks really cute and is going to be great on holiday. Also I have plans to make a matching headband from the left overs!