A Photo A Day- July 1-8th

I did this ages ago, last October when I took a photo every day for October and I actually really liked the result.  So I thought I would resurrect it for July, I’m guaranteed to get some good pictures on my summer jolidays.

The rules are that I use my phone, and only use one photo from each day.

This is the 1st to the 8th July. It’s always hard to know whether to select the nicest photo or the one that best encapsulates the day. Also its dependant on me having my phone, there are no pictures of the zoo or beach because i didn’t take my phone.

  1.  Ah England in July
  2. A few stalls in town
  3. To the airport
  4. The Colliseum  (in Rome)
  5. Gelato
  6. Palm Trees
  7. Swimming pool in Rome Olympic Park
  8. Giant Fig tree