A Photo A Day- July 9-16

I did this ages ago, last October when I took a photo every day for October and I actually really liked the result.  So I thought I would resurrect it for July, I’m guaranteed to get some good pictures on my summer jolidays.  The rules are that I use my phone, and only use one photo from each day.

This is from the 9th to the 16th July.

With the unfortunate return to the UK, and work, we have a lessening of photo ops but still a nice mixture. 

  1. Valley of Temples, Sicily
  2. Elephant statue in Catania
  3. Dusseldorf airport
  4. Marmite cheese
  5. Crater on Mt Etna (bit out of sequence)
  6. View from the window at work
  7. Shear’s Yard restaurant
  8. Sandwich