Rio Olympics

So…the Olympic Games opened in Rio today and it seems unlikely that I’ll be going…seeing as though I am in the UK, and without any money (and also not an athlete of any kind).  I do love sports, and the Olympics always gets me excited.  I know it’s a beast costing ludicrous amounts of money, pissing off local people, and has various environmental and political impacts.   Which is a shame because the amazing physical feats of the athletes (requiring more mental strength then anything else), and the mixture of people from different disciplines and nationalities (you know, when people of different backgrounds come together without killing each other) should be cause for pure celebration.


Anyway I was planing to do an awesome Olympics summer craft but it ended up looking totally crap and I got a little demoralised.  So I just knocked some pictures together to look like the Olympic rings!


Enjoy the Olympic Games and let the odds be ever in your favour…