How To Make A Summer Headband

I did a post a while ago on a flowery top that I adjusted.  I had some of the pretty flowery fabric left over and decided to make a headband from it.

All I did was cut three strips of the fabric and plait them together.  Well first I took each strip and folded the long ends over and then folded the strip in half longways to make sure the unfinished ends weren’t showing. Then I plaited the three strips together.  I wrapped it around my head to get the (very accurate) measurement, then sewed it all in place.

I was going to take some pictures of me wearing it on my hols but my love of my new sun hat took over and the headband was, unfortunately, mostly covered up.  Also it was very hot and humid in Italy and it…err…got a bit sweaty.   Anyway, here is me looking super cool wearing it with my matching top.

summer headband