Holiday Photos- Canon Ixus and APS Film

My little Canon Ixus has been something of an undertaking to get up and running. It’s a film camera but it’s also electronic. It has to have special film called APS or Advanced Photo System film, and a special battery which cost £8.

FlorenceGr037691The film is easy to use, all the actually film is hidden inside so you just slot the canister in. It only gave about 15 frames per film though.  Above is some shots of Rome including the Roman Forum.


These are of Agrigento and the Valley of Temples, and also boyfriend at the strange little restaurant where they sold pizza and glasses for some reason.

There are three different settings on the camera for panoramic, close up, and something else which seemed to make a big difference when I was taking the photos but they are came out the same when developed.


And these ones are of Catania, you can just about see Mt Etna in the background of the one top right. I’m quite pleased with how these have turned out, it was easy to use and they’re all in focus.  Shame that you only get 15 shots per film.