Bankfield Museum- Embroidery Exhibition

I visited the Bankfield Museum with my mum a few weeks ago, to see the embroidery exhibitions they had on.  

There is ‘Calm During The Storm’ covering how people used needlecraft during both world wars to ease the difficult times.  And a range of pieces on loan from the National Embroiderers’ Guild, and entries and winners from an embroidery competition.  It’s not a huge place but the building is very attractive and I did like the tiled fire places!   There were a lot of different styles of needlework and embroidery.

Somewhat strangly there is also a White Walker, which was created as a promo prop by HMO to advertise Game of Thrones.  It’s 13ft high, and 17 ft wide!  It was on display once in London and thencame to Halifax, of course, makes sense…The White Walker itself is more strips of fabric layered ontop of each other, but around the edge is all the house crests which have been embroidered. Neither mother or I watch this programme so it was a bit lost on us unfortunately! The White Walker is on display until September 10th.