Tie-Dye Take Two

After the unmitigated success of my previous tie-dye efforts, and because I had bought two packets of dye in the first place, I thought I’d try it again.  It took me a while to find some cotton tops (it has to be natural fibres), then get my act together to wash them (they have to be washed first), but I finally got onto it.

I used Dylon in dark green, and two cotton tops from H and M.  I used many many elastic bands to scrunch and elasticate the tops to make the tie-dye pattern. I poured 250g of special, expensive Dylon salt into 6 litres of warm water, and dissolved the 50g of dye into 500ml of warm water.  Then I poured the dye into the salt water and mixed.  I soaked the tops in warm water first (because that’s what the packet told me to do).  I stuck a ruler through each top which I then used to stir them around and remove them from the dye when it was ready.

tie dye green1

I went a bit mad with elastic bands on one of them, and had hardly any left for the other which resulted in slightly odd patterns, one t-shirt looks a it like it has a blotchy disease, and the other looks a bit like I just forgot to tie-dye half of it!   I think next time I need to plan a little more carefully where I actually want the bands to go.  But planning is boring.  What I did really like is that the stiching on one of the tops I used didn’t pick up the dye, the thread must be synthetic as it mostly is and so stayed white.

tie dye green

Tie-dye was my summer project, but Britain decided not to have summer this year (not sure why, I must have missed that vote) so I shall be wearing my fancy new outfits during the few minutes of respite between rain showers when I able to venture outside.