Snorlax Door Stop

About three years ago I decided to make a door stop, and picked Snorlax as my inspiration.

Snorlax is a giant pokemon who sleeps and eats, he is in fact a key plot point in the early pokemon games as he blocks your path and you have to figure out how to wake him up.  So he seemed like a good choice for something that’s going to sit there blocking something.

What with all the Pokemon Go excitement I started thinking about my friendly Snorlax.  So here are some terrible pictures I took back then where I was clearly using a Box Brownie..
I drew out Snorlax, cut out the individual pieces, then cut them out of the fabric.  I sew the main body together and filled with rice.  Then I sewed the ears, arms, and feet and filled them with toy stuffing, and sewed them on to the body.