Leggings- First Attempt

I am very much of the opinion that leggings (as usual worn by contemporary ladies) are really a type of underwear.  They are not trousers, they are see-through.  And you know they are see-through, that’s why you are wearing a thong with them so that people can’t see your underwear, but now they can see your bum…

I do, however find it impossible to get jeans to fit so I wear denim jeggings, or stretchy jeans.  I love them.  Sooo, I bought some stretchy lycra fabric a few weeks ago to make some leggings, which I modeled on my jegging jean. As a result they are looser than normal leggings (I think they are more like yoga pants, but I’m not entirely sure what they are).   I really liked the colour of the fabric but really a darker colour would have been more flattering.

I turned my jeggings inside out and drew around them (it’s very technical) creating a front and back pattern piece.  I did french seams on all the seams to neaten it on the inside.  The waistband turned out to be quite tricky due mainly to my own incompetence, I had to re-do it several times.  They fit pretty well and they are very comfy.