Spider's Web by Agatha Christie and Charles Osbourne- Book Review

wp-1474226570926.jpgSpider’s Web is a play by Agatha Christie that has been adapted into a book by Charles Osbourne in 2000.

You can tell it’s a play, with the usual Christie tropes ramped up to 11, people with fake identities, dead bodies in the study, and secret passages.  I can sort of see how it would have made an entertaining enough play but as a book it was somewhat lacking. 

There was no real suspense and too much farce.  The title comes from the poem,
‘O what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!’
As the main character keeps lying and playing practical jokes, and changing her story when interviewed by the police.  But I didn’t think that was done very well as her story wasn’t that different but I got the feeling that in the play that would have been comic device.

But as a quick read on the bus it was fine.