Grilled Cheese

wp-1474226964649.jpgThis is another recipe from pinterest, well I augmented it a bit, that was quite easy and tasty.  It’s called grilled cheese, in that American way, but it’s actually fried in this recipe.  I think grilling would be fine though, and healthier.

I took two slices of bread (ok I took three and ate one whilst I was making this grilled cheese), and put some marge on them.

I sliced some cheddar and avocado, and put them on the bread along with some spinach.   Then I put the two pieces of bread together, you know how you do when you make a sandwich.  Then I sprayed some oil onto a frying pan and fried each side for a few minutes until browned.

It was good, needed more types of cheese. wp-1474226978836.jpg