Manchester Gallery- Fashion and Freedom


I went with my mum to Manchester Gallery to see the ‘100 Years of Vogue’ exhibition which was good although, given that it’s mainly a magazine about eye shadow and skirts it would have been nice to have more information about why the images were significant.   Back in the 1940’s they published Lee Miller’s war photography, and in the 1990’s about four million pictures of Kate Moss.

BTW if don’t know who Lee Miller is then google her, she had a horrible but interesting life!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t take any photos in that exhibition but we could in the Fashion and Freedom exhibition in which university students had created clothes reacting to the restriction felt by women before World War One, and the freedom after.


All their pieces were really different, and interesting, and quite aesthetically appealing.  They also had a lot of work involved in them and were incredibly impressive.  It made me very jealous and wish I could do a proper fashion design or sewing class.