Halloween Costume Idea- Cave Girl

I always want to do something awesome for Halloween and it never really happens.  The internet tells me I can make a mummy costume, or become a lego version of myself with only my innate make-up ability and 10 minutes.  That way ends in disaster.

I also want to go for something scary, rather than all the silly popular culture inspired ones that proliferate the interwebs, but that limits the options further. I went for something in the middle, not a witch or vampire but also not a humanoid emoji or confectionery item.   I chose cave girl.


I bought some pretty cheap cheetah fabric and sewed a really simple dress, essentially a big tube with elastic sewed into the top to keep it on.  I added a very simple strap on the right side to the top, and cut the bottom all jaggedly to make it look like it was ripped straight from a poor little cheetah.  I also cut a ragged strip to tie around my waist as a little belt, mainly to make the shape of the dress more flattering.  And I made a little bag out of the same fabric to match.  I then cut some thin sheets of white foam into bone shapes for a necklace and hair accessory.