Crispy Tofu

Trying to get into tofu, it’s healthy and what not, just a tad bland, and also it doesn’t last as long as Quorn because it fridged not frozed. But I saw an idea on pinterest for crispy tofu that’s covered in cornstarch, I don’t entirely know what cornstarch is so I opted to use flour instead.

I used some firm tofu and started off by draining it, and wrapping it in a tea towel, sandwiched between a baking tray and chopping board with a can of soup on top.   I left it like that for about 30mins and then cut it into pieces.

I sprinkled the pieces in salt and flour, then placed them in a frying pan of hot oil and fried each side for a few minutes until browned.  At some point the fire alarm went off but I don’t actually recommend doing that when cooking.

It tasted pretty good, with a nice crispy outside and squishy inside, but it was slightly bland.  Might have needed more salt and some other seasoning.  I made and ate two servings, so it can’t have been that bad!