Film Photography of Tenerife


I took my little Canon Ixus on holiday to Tenerife, it’s an electric film camera so it takes film but also needs a battery to turn on the little LCD screen, as well as a flash.  The film used is APS which is very easy to load, but pricey, and you only get about 20 snaps. The camera is very reliable though, and takes nice quality pictures.000015000013

They are clear but have a slight dreamy quality to them, they look a little over exposed so that might be why.  So I do like these shots of the sea and beach.  You can also see in the beach selfie of me that I was able to adjust the focus so I am in focus while the background is a bit blurry.


And I took a few of boyfriend looking cool in his shades, and Siam Park the big waterpark in Tenerife. It was a lot of fun, mainly just incredible to be able to wander around in a swimming costume in October.