Silette-L Film Camera

Having some film issues with my APS and 110 film cameras (namely that the film is stupidly expensive) so I decided to move onto another camera that took regular, cheap, 35m film.  I’ve never used my Silettel-L so I did a little research first.p1040108

It’s German, from between 1956-1968, there were apparently seven versions of this model. It’s a fixed lens view finder camera from Agfa. Mine has a Prontor 125 shutter.  It has a whole bunch o’ dials on it, as with my beloved Beirette (which has fallen to pieces) so it required a bit of figuring out. Think it’s mainly just the holy trinity of shutter speed, aperture size, and distance from subject.  There’s a dial on the top where you can select the film type (the ISO basically, although it uses the out of date DIN) and it matches up the appropriate combination of aperture size and shutter speed. However, it’s either broken or I’m not doing it right (both equally possible!) because anything above ISO 100 and it wont match them up anymore.

I found this really useful website for working out the appropriate settings though.  Of course he is referring to fancy DSLRs which have more than 3 options for shutter speed but I still find the info helpful.

There is also a B option for shutter speed which I googled and found that stands for Bulb, where the shutter remains open as long as you hold down the button.  It was the Germans that came up with these letter options; B for Beliebig Zeit, meaning any time.  I think this one will be fun to play with and result in terrible pictures!