(Expired) 110 film- Tenerfie


I used my 110 film in Tenerife, which unfortunately was expired film.  These are pictures of Santa Cruz which is the capital in the North of the island. I know people intentionally use expired film to get interesting effects but I find it quite frustrating.  The results are blurred, speckled photos that struggle to differentiate between the different elements of the scene.


The above picture of boyfriend worked pretty well because of the contrast between the light background and boyfriend’s dark hair and shirt.  It was also very sunny and bright which helped.  The camera definitely likes the bright lights.  As you can see below it struggled in the shade of the trees, and the image of boyfriend top right isn’t very clear.


I suppose the expired film does give the image a olden days kind of legitimacy that digital photos seem to lack, like a home cooked meal instead of a take away.  Ok, so your dinner doesn’t look like the picture in the recipe book but it feels more wholesome than just buying something.  It doesn’t really make much difference in photography the way I do it, I just point and shoot regardless of what camera I’m using.