Birthday Decorations

Boyfriend was having a BIG birthday because he’s very old now so I decided to decorate his house with some decorations, if only to distract from the general messiness.


Felt Happy Birthday Garland
I used about 15 sheets of A4 blue felt, some toy stuffing, and some ribbon to create these garlands.  They spell out HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY! I pretty much just eye balled the letters and numbers, making them as simple as possible (no cursive here) and cut out two of everything.  I used the sewing machine for speed and sewed the two versions of each letter and number together, almost all the way around. I then stuffed them with the toy stuffing.  For the fiddlier letters like H I had to leave it more open to get the toy stuffing in.  When I sewed them closed I stitched them onto the ribbon as well.  I did each word on a separate garland to give me more options for putting it up.Cost- £10 ish

Photo Notice Board
I bought a cork notice board, some drawing pics, and had some nice photos printed out.  I cut HAPPY BIRTHDAY out of some coloured card and pinned it onto the notice board with the photos around it.  Pretty simple.  Much less time consuming than the felt thingies.
Cost- £6 ishpicmonkey-collage2

Pom Pom Garlands
I really made these because I fancied buying a set of pom pom makers and needed a reason to justify it.  I then bought a skein of cheap wool and made a bunch of different sized pom poms and tied them into some of the wool to make the garland.  You don’t need a pom pom maker to make pom poms, I’ve tried before with a piece of circular card but wasn’t very successful.  To be honest these ones are particularly neat but they’re fun!
Cost- £7 ish