My Favourite Film Photos of 2016

Well this year my beloved Beirette camera broke which was rather distressing, so I’ve been mixing it up with my other cameras.  I used my IXUS film camera which has expensive APS film and processing, and you don’t get many frames but the shots do come out really well.  Below are some of my best shots with it from my trip to Rome and Sicily. 


I also took a selfie with it when I was in Tenerife which is top right below.  The two shots to the left were also in Tenerife but taken with my Le Clic camera and 110 film.  As you can see those shots came out much grainier which bugs me. Bottom right was also my Le Clic at boyfriend’s birthday party, but this time with flash on.  The two left of that were taken with my Beirette RIP.


And some classy black and white ones, were taken by my Beirette as well.  It has literally fallen apart.  Boyfriend said he would fix it but…Anyway the top two are just of the COOP, and my local park.  The bottom two are from a little walk we did in the summer.