Homemade Calendar


I like to make a calendar using photographs from the previous year.  I used a cheap A3 sketchbook (which cost me £2.99) as the base.  I have printer issues at the moment so I’ve had 12 photos printed at Boots (99p each).  The one if the picture is a little smaller than I wanted but the bigger prints took longer so I got the smaller for Jan, and then placed an order for the bigger ones.


I drew a grid of 5 rows and 7 on the bottom half of the A3 sheet, I put the days of the week along the top and the dates in each square.  I find it’s actually quicker to do this by hand then on the computer. My pet peeve with calendars is when they start the week on a Sunday, I work on a frustratingly random shift pattern and work weekends so I like to have Saturday and Sunday together on my calendar so I can easily see when I have a free weekend. I then wrote my shifts for January on my calendar as that’s the main thing I need to have written down.

But that’s it.  I spent about £15 on this project, but you could definitely do it cheaper if you printed the photos at home, or went for smaller prints.  Still I like the professional finish of the images.