Agfa Film Photos

cnv00011I got some more photos developed from my analogue camera.  This time it was from my Agfa which I was clearly shaking all over the place when I took the snaps because they pretty much all came out blurry.

This was really the first time using it, I did shoot a roll of film in it before but after paying about £10 to develop the roll of pictures my sister had left in there about 3 yrs earlier.  All my hard work down the drain.

With this roll I got two decent images of Castle Hill where we go on Christmas Day for a walk.


A lot of the images had a weird purple hue, not entirely sure why but it was ISO 200 so I assume that it will have made the colours cooler than a higher ISO.


I had played about with the settings as best I could but the action of pressing the shutter down causes the camera to jerk and I think that was a major part of the problem with how blurry the images turned out.  Certainly, the faster shutter speed should make it better but then it lets less light in and it’s pretty dingy at the moment.