Sherlock Bones Vol.4 by Yumi Ando and Yuki Sato

I started reading the Sherlock Bones series a few years ago, and had a little break inbetween Vol.3 and Vol.4, which is a shame because it ended in the middle of a mystery!  Sherlock Bones is a tiny, adorable, dog who is really the reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes.  When he puts his pipe in his mouth he can talk to his ‘owner’ Takeru and solve crimes.

Sherlock Bones

It’s Japanese manga so it reads from right to left, and very helpfully explains this to you on the back page in case you’ve opened it there by mistake.  I found it a little confusing reading each individual page, remembering to go from top right across to the left.

The book’s set in Japan too.  HIgh school student Takeru solves crimes with Sherdog.  His father and sister work for the police which helps with the crime solving.

Despite the cuteness of the main character, the book does have dark stories in it featuring murders.  In this book Takeru’s friend is murdered by her employer and left in an alley.  Sherdog and Takeru hunt for clues, like her contact lenses are in backwords, and the carpet was replaced recently in her employer’s office.  That kind of thing.  In this volume, there’s been a change in Takeru.  He’s no longer thrilled by solving these crimes. He’s starting to feel frustrated that solving the crimes isn’t actually going to bring the victims back.

On a lighter note we have the introduction of a cat, who is the reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes’ arch nemisis, Moriarty (Meowriarty!)  But unfortunately, he doesn’t appear again.  Hopefully, in the next book.