Healthy Avacado Smoothie Idea

I’m back making smoothies again, still using my slightly crappy blender.  I just find it to be a good way to get vegetables into my diet without too much effort.  The trick is to get the smoothie to taste good without just adding loads of sugar (either from honey or syrup, or from fruit).

avacado smoothie

I used half an avacado, a banana, the juice or half a lime, some cinnamon, and almond milk.  Almond milk being dairy free it makes it sort of healthier (less calories and fat) than using cows milk.  But it is much lower in protein so maybe not as good if you’re post exercise.   Almonds are a good source of protein but almond milk is actually mainly water.  I did make my own almond milk at one point, so I know about these things.  You soak the nuts overnight so it literally dilutes the benefits of the nuts.

It mainly tasted of bananas and almonds funnily enough, it was nice but I’ll need to mix it up a bit next time I think.