Film Photos From My Disposable Fujifilm Camera

I bought a disposable fujifilm camera at Christmas on a whim (£4 from Currys) and finally got the roll developed.  I really need to learn to use the flash with these types of cameras as they do struggle in low lighting.  As well as in lighting I wouldn’t class as ‘low’ but the camera does.  The camera had ISO 200 colour film allowing in less light than a higher ISO.  And on a basic camera like this you can’t adjust the aperture size to compensate for a lower ISO.  Most of the images were quite dark, although the graininess of them is quite atmospheric.  I did some basic digital editing on the images to improve the contrast and you can see how that alters the images below.

fujifilm camera

And the ones below are the best images from the bunch.  It’s a shame the ones I took of the meercats at Tropical World weren’t better.  Below there are some left over mushroom tent thingies from the Lantern Festival in Roundhay Park which looked awesome on the adverts but cost money… The image has an odd pinkish hue which looks quite cool.  And below it there is a shot of a building in Leeds on a cool crisp day, which has blue tones.  And there is a very exciting picture of Keighley Post Office Depot.  At the time boyfriend questioned the why I would want to take a picture of it.  But I think we can all agree it’s quite magnificent.

fujifilm camera

I like using the disposable cameras, they’re easy and fairly reliable.  I have a holiday booked to America in a month and was wondering which camera to take.  I want something reliable, light, compact, and easy to use which leads me towards my digital camera!  But disposable ones do remind me of the olden days when they were always what you took on holidays.