Creating Pictures from Pokemon Cards and Stamps

Pokemon Cards

I’ve had a pile of pokemon playing cards knocking about for a few years. I picked them up at Play Expo, which is worth a trip if you’re into games and what not (I met Pikachu)!  I just bought a random pile for about £3 so there aren’t any shiny ones, or valuable ones, or Pikachu ones!  And there are  some duplicates within the bunch, but I do like them and wanted to display them some how.

I bought a cheap frame, I knew the cards wouldn’t fit in without showing some of the background which at the time was just bare wood.  I laid down a layer of upside down cards so the Pokemon logo was the background. I had to glue them in place, and trim around the edge.  This was fiddly as they kept coming unstuck and moving around.  I then arranged the good cards on top that I wanted to display.   Again, I used some pritt stick to keep them in place too.

I like the overall effect.  And I like that I’m using from my stash, I keep hoarding things!  Boyfriend even let my hang it up, although not in the living room where other people would see it.


When we were sorting through the boxes of very important things boyfriend had hidden away unopened for 2 years, he found a little bag of stamps.  They were designed as a starter kit for stamp collection, although he didn’t last long as a philatelist, and also managed to pour glue all over his stamp book…But I thought some of the stamps were pretty cool.  So he let me take them (also walk away with a calligraphy pen)!

I cut some thick beige paper as my backing sheet, then arranged the stamps on the page.  Given that they were all different sizes the gaps between them weren’t going to be the same but that was fine by me.  I didn’t need to stick the stamps down, I think the gummy backing added some friction.    

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