Berry Smoothie

Exciting times people, I have the Nutribullet! Boyfriend said ages ago he would get it for me for my birthday so I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting…Anyway my birthday finally rolled around and now I can go smoothie crazy!  Starting with this Mixed Berry Smoothie.  Well we’re several iterations in really.

I have also been experiencing Huel.  Huel is a silly word.  It is also a nutritionally balanced powder that gives supposedly fulfills all your nutritional needs. It’s been designed as a meal replacement, I can’t quite get to grips on that.  Instead I am just adding it to my porridge and smoothies.  It’s high in protein, so I imagine that people use it as a protein powder.

I’ve been experimenting with smoothie recipes, and this one was pretty good.  It’s amazing how much better adding a banana makes everything taste, but also how much more calories and sugar it adds.  So I suppose my next challenge is a delicious banana free smoothie.  Also one that looks less brown…berry smoothie

Ingredients-berry smoothie

40g Mixed Frozen Berries
1 Banana (around 130g)
25g Huel
25g Kale
Chilled Herbal Tea

Nutritional Values-

Calories- 240
Carbs- 42g
Fat- 4g
Protein- 10g
Sugar- 19g
Fibre- 7g