How to Use An Iron-On Patch- Cool NASA T-Shirt

I picked up an iron-on patch on my recent trip to America, it found it really easy to use.

The NASA t-shirt is super ‘in’ right now.  But I didn’t feel I could buy one without having visited something NASA related.  Like wearing a band t-shirt because it makes you look rock ‘n’ roll but you’ve never listened to the music.  I’m not planning on joining NASA anytime soon, but I have now visited the Smithsonian Air and Space museums in Washington DC and Virginia.  It was the Virginia one that I bought this $6 iron-on patch from.  Back in the UK I bought a t-shirt from H and M for £3.99.

iron on patch

I tried the t-shirt on first to eye-ball where I wanted the iron-on patch.  Then I laid it out flat and placed down the patch.  I placed a piece of cotton fabric over the top (you could use a pillow case).  Then put my iron on the hottest setting and placed it down over the patch for about 45 seconds. iron-on patch

Don’t use steam, and don’t move it back and forth!  Then I turned the t-shirt inside out and did the same thing again.  And that’s it!  Pretty simple, and it’s stuck fast as people said in the 1840’s.  I feel like this post has had a lot of anachronistic slang…  This cost me less than £10 to make, I’ve seen them online for as little as £15 but a lot that were over £30.  So I feel I’ve got a pretty good deal, and it’s a wearable souvenir of my trip.

iron on patch