Film Photography of New York- Lomography Diana F+ Camera

Diana F+

I picked up the Diana F+ (without flash) a few years ago because it’s one of the cheapest cameras on the Lomography website!  They describe it as ‘an analogue classic yet highly experimental camera’.  There are some definite pros and cons with this camera.  A I said, without the flash, it’s cheap.  I bought mine for about £35.  It’s mainly plastic so it’s really light, although that means it doesn’t feel very durable.  The lens is the bit you’re paying for really, and this is what makes the camera seem bulky as you can’t retract the lens. You can get the Diana mini, which I have, which is rather cute.  But the mini likes to literally eat the film!  When I get the film developed they always tell me that it took longer because the film was all gnarled up.  And when you open the back tiny bits of film fall out like confetti.

Also, a pet peeve, the lens cap is not attached so you can easily take it off then drop it in the sand dunes of Death Valley 3 yrs ago and not have anything to protect your lens…

Diana F+
Empire State Building

Field of Vision

It takes 120 film as standard, and I got some good pictures in this format several years ago.  But it also gives less frames for more money, and is harder to get developed than 35mm.  So I quickly bought the 35mm back which allows you to use 35mm film instead.  Whether this is the reason the field of vision is so rubbish, I don’t know.  What you see when you look through the view finder and what the camera actually takes a photo of is totally different.  Which is rather annoying!  It means I constantly cut bits off things, and got a lot of shots of the middle of skyscrapers.

Diana F+
Field of Vision Issues

Winding On The Film

And the last great issue with the Diana F+ is that it’s very unclear how much to wind the film on, which is all part of the fun (apparently).  There are no markings on the dial.  Somewhere in the booklet I’m sure it said to turn it half way round, so that’s what I did.  But you can see it wasn’t entirely effective and some of the frames overlapped.  If you were canny about it then you could use it to your advantage and create unique images.  I have had some cool effects from this, but mostly it just ends up being annoying.  Especially with black and white film I think, it can be quite hard to see what’s going on in the image.

Diana F+
Multiple Exposures

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