Film/Analogue Photos of Liverpool

I used my Canon Ixus camera, which is an electronic film camera whilst I was in Liverpool for a weekend in May.  The Canon Ixus is very compact in size and easy to carry around but it’s a noisy little bugger.  It makes that classic camera noise when it takes a picture, and whirs for about 10 mins when it’s rewinding the film.  The film is APS 35mm, which is super easy to put in but pricey, hard to get hold of, and not that many places can develop it.

Above is a photo of the sculpture room in the Walker Art Gallery, and below is across the Mersey in New Brighton.  We went to a little Bank Holiday fair next to the sea front which was nice.  The grainy quality of the film, and that it’s over exposed does make it seem like it was taken in the 1980’s though.  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Above is the sea at New Brighton, and this shot is really grainy but you can make out the wind turbines on the horizon.  I’m not sure what makes it so grainy, I would imagine it’s the film as APS is no longer made so it’s all pretty old now.  And below is a snap of some of the runners in the Liverpool Marathon that was taken place that weekend.  I don’t think it really captures the energy of the moment though, they look like they could be walking.  But you can see some of the beautiful and interesting buildings in Liverpool in the background.