Film/Analogue Photos of Edinburgh

I used my Canon Ixus camera, which is an electronic film camera when we went to Edinburgh in July (for that classic Scottish summer weather…) The film is APS 35mm, which is super easy to put in but pricey, hard to get hold of, and not that many places can develop it.  But it’s easy to use and fairly reliable.  This is Arthur’s Seat, an ancient volcano about 250m above sea level.  You can see the great view over Edinburgh, and all the little people having a trek around Arthur’s Seat.

And this is the Edinburgh Botanical Garden, well worth a visit.  I love how the colours have come out in these photos.  It was a much sunnier and brighter day so the camera handled it a lot better.  I was also very impressed with the clarity of the images that came out, normally they are much grainier or blurrier.