I got this idea from A Beautiful Mess book, to take a self-portrait (classy way of saying selfie) everyday for a month.  In the book they take beautiful photos of people in meadows holding novelty lamps or something.  I had less to work with. It was a rainy, grey September, and the selfie camera has clearly broken.  You can see easily which pictures I took with the front camera and which ones were with the back one.

Sept 23

I’m not sure it worked very well.  I liked doing a photo-a-day for a month which I did this time last year and plan to do again.  But it’s a bit repetitive to just take pictures of yourself.  And it’s obviously quite contrived, there were days I didn’t do anything besides going to work and I’m not going to take pictures there.  But the result is a mixture of me walking to work in the rain, going on night time runs, and playing with my new planner and stickers.  Which is a fairly representative view of the month.